A Trip That I'll Never Forget

NinxePosted by Ninxe on Sun Jan 29 2023

Everything started when I was in a situation where I couldn't see any opportunities to go for, therefore I was feeling hopeless. It felt like I couldn't see any lights at the end of my path.

However that changed in a webinar that I wasn't at first keen but it was something that I never thought I could due to my studies. So, I was confused... but at the same time it was a great way to fulfill my wish which was to become more independent not only in professional but in personal ways.

Well... it turned out that I applied for an offer and I got accepted. Everything happened all of the sudden. At the time, I was so anxious about the idea to work in a different country, a different language and above all of those things, away from my family. This was my chance to grow up and to experience a different culture and lifestyle. Not to mention this programme would allow me to meet people and perhaps having good friends.

In the day of the flight, I got to know the local group that also went to this programme. I was pretty shy as I didn't know them well yet. With time, that shyness had disappeared and it got easier to express and also to chat.

During one month, I was hosted in a hotel. We had to share the room so it was a bit strange but understandable so we could speak the new language faster. During the stay I got to learn the foreign language with a teacher. Every day I was learning a lot of stuff, as I was surrounded by people, the need to talk with someone was gone since it was very easy to interact.

Fast-forward after one month, I started to work on my role as a Full Stack Developer. The building was very modern, people were friendly so I felt very welcomed. I got to know that the project would be different from the contract. Even though it was a different project, for me it was better actually because the programming language would be React Native. I never had experience on it but I knew React so the structure was very similar. My first task was to design an app for a company. It was something new so I was super happy. I got great feedback from my team so everything went well.

With this I want to thank everyone that had supported me til now in this journey and a reminder to myself to “get out of the comfort zone” that way I will lose the fear of doing something different.

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