Make Your Day Productive

NinxePosted by Ninxe on Mon Aug 08 2022


Making your day productive might be a tough one however if we start the day by doing small tasks, for example, making the bed, I believe that is a great first task for a lazy person like me.

But how do I keep productive throughout the day?

Well, I like to plan so I try to plan my things the day before at night. Of course, there will be days that we don't want to do but remember procrastinating will lead a 'less good impact' to your life.

I have to 'code' but I don't feel like doing

I say 'code' but it can be something else you must do to practice and to get better. In my case, when I say - Let's 'code' for 30 minutes - I actually do it way longer than I plan, but that's pretty good because it means I'm focused and enjoying it.

What I've learned about myself

As soon as I start doing something I will definitely stay focused and a lot of the times I get inspired which leads a part of me being creative. And when I achieve that point I can do interesting things like uploading a YouTube video or something like that. So that's even better for productivity.

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